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Maven JavaDoc Plugin Fixed

The Maven JavaDoc plugin 3.0.0 is finally ready for release. This means that I can migrate 60+ projects to Java 9 and finally get the new versions pushed to Central.

Big thanks to Robert Scholte who worked hard to ensure that everything worked properly, and even got my rather unusual usage of the plugin (aggregating documentation into a single module) working as well.

Obstructing JavaDoc

I've been anxiously awaiting the 3.0.0 release of the maven-javadoc-plugin for weeks, and in an ironic twist of fate, I'm now responsible for delaying the release even further.

I found two rather nasty bugs in the version that was to become 3.0.0, but submitted a fix for the first and had it merged. The second problem seems like it's going to take rather more work to fix though, and my message asking for implementation advice to the javadoc-dev list is currently sitting in a moderation queue.

Expected But Got


What To Save And Throw Away

What to save and throw away?

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pr?Contents under pressure?Do not expose to excessive heat, vacuum, blunt trauma, immersion in liquids, disintegration, reintegration, hypersleep, humiliation, sorrow or harsh language?

pr?When the time comes, whose life will flash before yours?

pr?A billion paths are here inside me? pr?yes, yes, yes, Bernhard, 110? pr?potential, jewels, jewels, yes, jewels? %

Decided to kill off some old packages. jnull and jfunctional in particular I've used in just about every project I've ever worked on. There's really very little reason for them to exist anymore though. Java 8 added Objects.requireNotNull which standardized terse null checking. Noone cares about the @NonNull annotations (including myself). The entire contents of jfunctional were made redundant by Java 8. Both of these packages served their purposes well back in the days of Java 6 when they were first designed, but now they're just a burden.

It's good to throw away code.

Maven Java 9 Bugs

I'm still waiting on a set of issues to be resolved in order to push modules to all of my projects.

  • MJAVADOC-489 causes JavaDoc generation to fail when one module requires another.

  • MDEP-559 causes the dependency:analyze goal to fail. I use this goal as part of all my builds in order to keep dependencies clean and correct. Getting this fixed depends on MSHARED-660.

I've also removed japicmp from all of my builds. I don't want to disparage the project at all; it's good at what it does, but using it would require using custom MAVEN_OPTS on JDK 9, and that's just not good enough. I'm in the process of writing a replacement for japicmp and will announce it within the next few weeks.