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Being Organized

Following on from a previous episode, I've migrated any actively-maintained software projects to the new organization, and archived a lot of projects that weren't maintained and weren't relevant.

In the process, I set up automated snapshot and release deployment to Maven Central from GitHub Actions. I used to have these automated deployments from a server I ran locally, but having it happen from GitHub Actions means more infrastructure that I don't have to maintain.

The releases are all signed with a new PGP key:

| Fingerprint                                       | Comment                      |
| E288 E54A 25D3 F5A9 BF68 6BB4 E64D 38C0 2097 0A85 | 2024 github-ci-maven-rsa-key |

I'm intending for the new organization to hold only those projects that have reached some level of stability and are past the experimental stage.