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Checkstyle Rules

I'm going to start making all projects use a common set of Checkstyle rules rather than having each project carry its own rules around. I can't remember exactly why I avoided doing this in the beginning. I think it may've been that I wasn't confident that I could write one set of rules that would work everywhere. I've decided instead that I'll beat code with a shovel until it follows the rules, rather than beat the rules with a shovel until they follow the code.

Chasing Modules

I've been moving all of the projects I still maintain to Java 9 modules. In order to do this, however, I've needed to assist third party projects upon which I have dependencies to either modularize their projects or publish Automatic-Module-Name entries in their jar manifests. If you try to specify a dependency on a project that either hasn't been modularized or hasn't published an Automatic-Module-Name entry, you'll see this when building with Maven:

[WARNING] ********************************************************************************************************************
[WARNING] * Required filename-based automodules detected. Please don't publish this project to a public artifact repository! *
[WARNING] ********************************************************************************************************************

The reasons for this are documented on Stephen Colebourne's blog.

Here's a table of all of the third party projects upon which I depend, and an indication of the current state of modularization (I'll try to keep this updated as projects are updated):

Project State Updated
fastutil Considering 2018-02-07
jcpp Considering 2018-02-08
ed25519-java Considering 2018-02-09
LWJGL Fully Modularized 2018-02-07
Dyn4j Fully Modularized 2018-02-07
protobuf Ignored? 2018-02-07
antlr In Progress 2018-02-11
autovalue In Progress 2018-02-07
rome In Progress 2018-02-07
JGraphT Automatic Module Names (Full modularization in progress) 2018-02-11
Vavr Automatic Module Names 2018-02-07
commonmark-java Automatic Module Names 2018-02-07
javapoet Automatic Module Names 2018-02-07
xom Unclear 2018-02-07

Generally, if a project isn't planning to either modularize or publish automatic module names, then I'm looking for a replacement for that project.

Signing Issues

I'm having trouble deploying packages to Maven Central. The repository claims that it cannot validate the signatures I provide. I've filed a bug but haven't gotten a response. I'm wondering if it's down to me switching to Curve25519 PGP keys...

New PGP Keys

New PGP keys have been published.

Fingerprint                                       | UID
B84E 1774 7616 C617 4C68 D5E5 5C1A 7B71 2812 CC05 | Mark Raynsford (2018 personal)
F8C3 C5B8 C86A 95F7 42B9 36D2 97E0 2011 0410 DFAF | (2018 release-signing)
Verifying Again

See the the previous blog post:

$ gpg --recv-keys 8168DAE22B15D3EDC722C23D0F15B7D06FA80CB8
$ wget -r
$ cd
$ gpg < checksum.asc | sha512sum --check